BackLinking strategy

about great content. Some of his responses:

· Participate in the Community: "I'm not talking about signing up and spamming a bunch of blogs or forums. A good example is answering questions. If you have some value you can add ... somebody appreciates that ... and they'll be more willing and receptive to linking."

· Original Research: "If somebody does even a little bit of work to dig into a subject, they're more likely to get links. Original research can really make a big difference."

· Newsletters: "If you have people already coming to your blog, make it a little bit easier for that information to show up in their inbox." (I think he means making easy for users to subscribe to your blog RSS feed via email.)

· Social Media: Participating on Twitter, Friendfeed or Facebook can be another great way [to build links]. Think about where people spend their time. Getting to know those people can pay off, and not just in getting links.

· Lists: "They tend to get a little tiresome after a while. But writing a few every so often is not such a bad thing."

· Blogging: "Establish yourself as an authority. There's no excuse for a company these days not to have a blog. Just building that up as a resource of good articles ... another good example is how-tos and tutorials."

· Good Site Architecture: "Make sure that your site has good site architecture. Can my site be crawled? Can my pages be bookmarked? Make it easy to link to individual pieces of content."